150 years of Margate

It was a fantastic event.

We had 10 venues 9days of celebrations history photos
Just a few loose ends now.

Cheers Helen.

If you would like me to Co-ordinate your events 0349 672 331

Paint the Town Red and Green.
The official colours of Margate are Red and Green

Our Festival will be in winter. Do we want it gloomy and cold? No! Decorate your windows and letter boxes. Make pompom flowers for the trees, crochet some leaves. Join in the celebrations in a creative non expensive way.

Open the Gate in Margate
9 days of celebrations stretching throughout the whole township. Businesses, Schools, Community Groups, anyone who wants to be involved will be pooling together to Turn the Key.

Welcome everyone to Margate

Contact us
Facebook: 150 years of Margate

Phone: 0439 672 331 Helen Lindsay
Email: lindsayhelen1640@gmail.com, secretary@channelheritagecentre.org.au, helen@brookfieldmargate.com

Download event information:

Saturday 25th June
Margate Memorial Oval

Combined School Soccer
Open day for Mens Shed,
Fire Brigade,
Vintage machinery. Sausage sizzle.
Rivalry between towns was strong
Football Teams, schools were no exception. Margate were the Maggots, Snug the Slugs.
Soccer was played in the early days around the world and today we see the local rivalries once again.
The Football Teams were known as Maggots (Margate) and the Slugs (Snug).
From 6 year old to 12 years old, the kids will be battling for the pride of the town!
Special exhibition of football teams in the Heritage Centre across the Highway
Hobart Vintage Machinery Society
has 7 exhibitors listed as displaying, with items ranging from a large truck (of the type used for apple cartage), tractors, engines and pumps operating (we trust!!) a drag saw, and a table display of heritage items. The other active working exhibit will be the blacksmith with his small forge operating- a popular place to stand on a cold day

Sat 25th & Sunday 26th June
Monster Garage Sale

The Margate Christian Church will once again hold their 2 day Sale
All proceeds will go towards refugees in Europe.
Donations for garage sale gratefully received.
Display of Church history.

Sunday 26th June.

Family Fun Day
The Brookfield Shed Ye Olde Margate Market,
20 stalls
Buskers Bash,
Wild way Animals. Magician, Face Painting.
Fire Brigade,
Tea cup and Jumping Castle
Live Broadcast HOfm Mick and Anna
Brookfield Buskers Bash
Terry Abbott is running a Buskers Bash at the family fun Day.
He will supply the sound system and work out a roster. If you want to be involved ring Terry or face book him through 150 Years of Margate. Face book group.
Prizes for.
• Most on stage at one time
• Youngest performer
• Popular Audience Choice
• Best dressed.
Ring Terry Abbott 0432 181 292

Aboriginal Heritage Walk When Margate was officially named in 1866, the Aboriginal population of over 5000 people had been reduced to less than 20 people living on mainland Tasmania. No members of the South-east nation, upon whose traditional lands Margate was established, survived to see
the naming of Margate. But the several clans who had lived in the south east of Tasmania for over 300 generations have left their strong imprint in the land - in their living spaces middens) and workshops (rock quarries), and in the landscape. Come walk on country with Aboriginal heritage consultant, Sharnie Everett, and start to know this landscape, learning about the traditional owners and how today’s Aboriginal community and all Tasmanians have a responsibility to protect this heritage for future generations.

Events for whole Week

Bread and Jam
Be transported back in time by our vintage inspired teahouse. Join us for a traditional Devonshire Tea, hearty bowl of soup or pioneer inspired menu. Come in and have a look around our cleverly preserved 1920s house, listen to our eclectic collection of vintage jazz and feel the warmth of an open wood fire. Perfect to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea.

Margate Train
Apple Industry. Did you know the shed on the Train Site was brought to Margate by Henry Jones and Co for their Apple Shed. It still has the IXL sign on the end.
Displays of the apple industry,
Teresa Drozdz will be providing piano entertainment on Saturday 2nd July from 11am. Fund Raiser for the Madame Butterflies Relay for Life Team

Community Displays
Brookfield Gallery middle Floor
Lions Club of Kingborough
CWA: Kingston and Channel Branch
Kingborough Community Bowls Club.
Riding for Disabled.
Wild Way:
Local Wild Life DVD.
Creative Craft Exhibition.

Margate Then and Now
“Margate Then… and Now” will be a display in the Channel Heritage Centre’ . The central part will consist of a pictorial timeline of Margate from 1866 to 2016 plus some maps and aerial photographs, and historic photos of Margate people from the CHC’s collections. The display area to the right will be given over to “The Fridge Door” which will be a place where people can pin their own photos, representing the “People of
Margate” In 50 years time if we want to have another festival we would know what and where the buildings are. Who works in them. Where you go to school, drink your coffee, walk your dog.
Rules apply to “The Fridge Door”
See Above"

Scavenger Hunt
150 questions for you to find
Win $150 dollars worth of prizes
Savenger Hunt forms will be available at Margate Oval on 25th June or family fun day 26th June or www.brookfieldmargate.com from beginning of festival.

Tuesday 28th

Special Seniors Lunch
11.30 - 2pm Sing-a-long, Food, entertainment, Skits.
$14-00 ph
A special lunch put together just for you.
The Brookfield Shed
ring 0439 672 331 enquiries.

Annual Lantern Walk.
Channel Christian School
The lantern walk will be starting at the school at 6pm. The evening will start with the walk (Byo lantern or torch) around Dru Point on the way we will stop for a story about Margate as it used to be, that has been supplied by David Tulip We will return to the school for a hot spiced apple drink and soup and bread.

Wednesday 29th
East Meets West - Multicultural
While savoring the authentic Indian cuisine of chef Kamlesh , guests will be able to enjoy the music of the EAST WEST TRIO with special guest Santhanam Gopala, an Indian master percussionist from Madras.
The EAST WEST TRIO have played their otherworldly music at the Cygnet Folk Festival, at the Rosny Barn and at the Peacock theater in the past. Allan Badalassi (piano), Lynne Griffiths (harp, flute) and Roman Astra (Sitar, Indian violin, vocals) are looking forward to returning to the Brookfield Shed again. This time the inclusion of Santhanam Gopala from Madras will add an extra dimension to the colorful musical fabric the ensemble weaves. Their performances and house concerts are usually well attended and listeners have commented they felt like being taken onto musical journeys. This is a unique event not to be missed. Tickets at The Brookfield Shed. To book ring Julia 6267 2996 www.brookfieldmargate.com

Thursday 30th
“Through the Era’s.”
Margate Community Hall 30th June 7pm
CWA Margate branch was established in 1947 so to celebrate the role of the CWA in Margate we will hold a fashion parade. Sarah Jane Taylor from Rock-a-dolls will be lending a helping hand.
audience Prizes will be given to the 2 best dressed men, 2 best dressed women and 2 best dressed children who come to enjoy the parade.
Oliver Gathercole will tinkle the ivories with period music to keep us all in the mood.
Supper will be served.
Gold Coin donation.
Grand recycled clothes sale afterwards.
The proceeds will go towards a Commercial Oven for Margate Primary School Stephanie Alexander program.
Any donations of clothing welcome.
Treasurer Jeanette Ritter 0427 100 252

Friday 1st July
Channel Christians School Assembly The children will dress up in red and green, for presentation of the 150th medals. Roger McNeice OAM and Helen Lindsay will present medals.
July 1st 9am everyone welcome.
The school will also be decorated red and green. Everyone welcome.

Sing-a-long with Oliver.
The Brookfield Shed. 3pm Friday 1st July
Southside Community Singers invite you to bring your voices, your ukes or guitars.
Free entry. Music and words supplied, huge range of songs from beatles, ballads, spirituals, musicals.
Food and drinks available at venue.

TINS ON TABLES: Chris Cruise and Frank Povah. Blues, Australiana,
Appalachian, popular music of the past 200 years, jug and jook-band tunes combine with anecdotes and snippets of social history to make a performance by this well-known duo something special. Be entertained by wonderful singing
accompanied on instruments as diverse as ukulele, mandolin, banjo, guitar, Appalachian dulcimer and autoharp. Tap your toes or get up and dance. If you wish you can show your appreciation by leaving a donation on the table.

Saturday 2nd July
Brag at Breakfast $20
Come along and hear stories of Margate whilst enjoying a buffet breakfast
Mc. Brett Gogoll
Des Whayman-Fishing Industry
Roger McNiece - Bush Fires
Mayor Steve Wass – Margate.
Phyl Norton - Channel Heritage Centre
Ian Johnstone - The No Port Protest
Merinda Young -The Bridge Mosaic
Cr. David Grace - Early Life in Margate
Hazell Turnbull - Teaching at MPS 70’s.
0439 672 331 tickets available at Brookfield

Recognition of Pioneer families
and people who have made a significant contribution to the growth and wellbeing of Margate.
An afternoon tea where recipients and families will receive a special 150th Anniversary medal (sponsored by West Wood Properties) held by the Lions Club of Kingborough.
A slide show of the recipients will be running.
Nomination forms are available for you to nominate someone.
Download available see below.
Email Helen, ring 0439 672 331, pick up at Brookfield Shed of Channel Heritage Centre or down load or www.brookfieldmargate.com

L J Hooker Variety Night $25
Dress up in your finest attire.
Crusty Bread, Steaming Food Mulled Wine
This will be a fun night of fantastic entertainment.
Prizes and photos of the best dressed.
MC Tony Brello
7.oo Anne Blythe 7.30. Madge Lowe – sing-a-long
7.50 Nic Osborne
8.10 Michael Hanson
9.00 Lagoon Hill Zydeco
This will be an amazing night not to be missed.

Sunday 3rd July
Placing the Anniversary Plaque
The Actual date of the Gazetting was 3rd July. 1866
We are having the grand finale at the Chennel Heritage Centre 3rd July 2016
The Plaque will be unveiled at 11am. by Premier Will Hodgeman
Hot String Band
Village Fair.
Sausage Sizzle & Olliebollen
Fiona Hutchison – Entertainer.
Bring along your medals to get them valued by Tasmanian Numismatic Society member Roger McNiece.

Walk the Coal Mine Railway Track
Kaoota to Margate

Catch the bus at the Heritage Centre
Take the bus to the top of the hill
Walk down the hill along this historic track
Enjoy tea and cake at the Heritage Centre
Cost of bus + tea + cake is $10 pp
Bookings are essential - confirm with your payment Channel Heritage Centre

6267 2378 Top Floor Brookfield Margate

1. How many days does the festival extend.
2. Festival face book group is.
3. When does the Festival start
4. Who are the main group running the 150 years of Margate
5. What is the contact phone number of the Co-Ordinator
6. What date is the finale of the Festival
7. What date was Margate gazetted a township?
8. What colour do we want to decorate the town for this week.
9. What is the official website of the 150th Anniversary of Margate
10. Where was the Margate Maze?
11. Who built the Maze?
12. Where would you find “British made TCR SKF 1949”?
13. How much is the midnight express?
14. Where would you find “Joy without limits”
15. Who runs Rock-a-dolls?
16. Sip tea on the terrace and listen to the chatter of birds 1st Sept to 31st May where?
17. Name the Relay for Life Team that Teresa Drozdz is playing piano for.
18. What date did French explorer Nicolas Badin visit north west bay?
19. The north west bay river flows out at sea level in Margate, where does it begin?
20. Where is the teen raged?
21. When was the Dru point all abilities playground officially opened?
22. How many give way signs are on the Dru point bike track.?
23. What do you have to beware of when driving to Dru Point.?
24. What road leads to Dru point?
25. Name the original two storey hotel in Margate?
26. Who built the two story building in the old photos of Margate Halfway House?
27. Who is the President of the Channel Heritage Centre?
28. CHC, how many people are standing on the top balcony of the Silver Crown
29. Page 113 of the 1966 phone directory the emergency number for fire in Margate is?
30. Who was the president of the 1958-59 Margate cricket team?
31. Where is the Waldie reading room?
32. Where is Parish lane?
33. What are numismatic valuations ?
34. Who wrote “From North West Bay to Margate”?
35. What is the fridge door?
36. What year did the Channel Heritage Centre Open in Margate ?
37. The tobacco drying shed was built in 1930’s by Mr Parkes who did he sell it to?
38. What is unique about the palings in the tobacco drying shed.
39. What was Margate’s original name?
40. What year was the Church of England opened ?
41. Where will the Monster Garage Sale be held and when?
42. What year was the Margate Christian Church built?
43. Who donated the land for the Methodist church to be built on?
44. What federal division is Margate in?
45. What is the tallest standing weatherboard Building?
46. What displays are on the middle floor of the Brookfield Shed this week?
47. The Brookfield shed was built by the Hanson Brothers for whom?
48. What purpose was it built for?
49. When is the Buskers Bash?
50. learn about the 1967 bushfires, the bridge mosaic, and enjoy breakfast when?
51. What is the phone number of the Brookfield Shed?
52. In fairy land how much are the magical garden days?
53. What sort of whiskers does the rugged pony have?
54. What is East Meets West ?
55. What is Wild Way?
56. Which Senator is talking at the Seniors Lunch?
57. What year did floods in Margate flood Mr Klinglers flower farm on the flats ?
58. With the black telephone at Bread and Jam what do you do after lifting the hand set?
59. Meredith Orchard have been fruit growing and farming at Margate since?
60. Where do you find a blue boat and a wooden pig?
61. Where can you buy Boks Bacon in Margate?
62. In the 2006 census what was the population of Margate?
63. Where does the Aboriginal Heritage Walk start?
64. When did the Margate Post Office Open?
65. Name 3 former postmasters/mistresses
66. In the Sunday Tasmanian 10 May 2009, All Smiles at Margate. What were the residents of Margate found to have been as a result of the national health test?
67. What street number is Beach Orchard?
68. Who was the head master of Margate Primary School in 1985?
69. Year 5 and 6 of Margate Primary School made Junk Man, where is he now?
70. Where is the old Margate Primary school before they moved up the road?
71. Who is the present headmistress of Margate Primary School ?
72. What was the geological feature known as ?
73. Who was the first Head master of Channel Christian School?
74. What year did they start?
75. When is the Lantern Walk being held by Channel Christian School ?
76. What will be given to each child at CC school on 1st July assembly.?
77. When was the Kingborough Bowls club, established ?
78. Name 4 sponsors for 150 years in Margate celebration?
79. The Snug football club was nick named the Slugs What was Margate’s?
80. Who was Mr Margate in 1966?
81. What flower is the emblem of the Margate Football Club ?
82. What colours were the Margate Football Club?
83. What is at 1707 Channel Highway.?
84. What business is run now in the former Jehovah Witness Church ?
85. CWA fashion Parade” Through the Eras” will be held at?
86. What year did the Margate hall open?
87. Which building belonged to the CWA of Margate from 1954 to mid 1980’s
88. Mrs Peg Lipscombe, Mrs L.Hanson, Mrs E. Smith Mrs A. Groombridge were all members of what in the 1960’s
89. What year was the Margate CWA celebrating their 6th Birthday
90. Which building housed the original Butcher Shop?
91. Name 3 former butchers in the present building
92. What was the Mathew Flinders ?
93. What band is playing at the happy hour at the Margate Tavern?
94. Which building had the original Bakery?
95. What is the phone Number of Banjos Margate?
96. What is Bugsys?
97. What bubbles would you get at 1726 Channel Highway?
98. Name the 2 hair salons in Margate,
99. Who has sponsored the special 150th Anniversary Medals
100. What is the phone number of L.J. Hooker Margate
101. Who is the Manager of L J Hooker Margate
102. Which Salmon Processing Plant have sponsored our event
103. What is the phone no. of Parker Accounting?
104. Who is sponsoring the Scavenger Hunt.
105. How far is it to Cygnet from Margate via the b68 (Nichols Rivulet)
106. Who built the building currently occupied by Dental South
107. Why were the poplars grown in Margate
108. What is the B68
109. Cam Smith built the original shed at Channel Constructions what was it for.
110. Where was the Canary Cage Café?
111. Which road links Gemalla road to Beach Road?
112. Which 2 roads link Van Morey Road and Nierinna Road across the top ?
113. In 1926/27 the Fehre Bros of Margate purchased the first …………… in Tasmania,
114. 1965 Mr D.R. Hazell constructed what.? The layout was designed by Mr A. Toogood.
115. What colour are the Hazel Brother Trucks in the 80’s?
116. How many kilometres is it from Hobart to Margate ?
117. Where is the Margate Northern boundary? According to the Fire Department
118. Where is Margates Southern Boundary ?
119. Where is Margates Western Boundary ?
120. What flowers are growing in the paddock opposite the Train?
121. How many kilometres return is the Margate Rivulet Track ?
122. Which house still has the original Slate Roof in Margate ?
123. It was the first double brick house to be built who built it?
124. Which Kingborough Councillor lives in Brookside Estate ?
125. Name the Margate resident who is turning 100 in November ?
126. Which Lions Club is holding an afternoon tea for the Medals Recipients?
127. Where was the Policemans’ House in Margate “Constable Frank Kline”.
128. What year was Genevieve Tanner of Margate crowned Miss Tasmania ?
129. Who put the mosaic pattern on the Margate bridge?
130. How many tiles are in the bridge mosaic
131. When did the festival 2 ½ days in Margate start
132. What animal is at the Hobart Centre?
133. Who is John Geary?
134. At Redbreast Nursery what do you find with Tussocks?
135. Who is the President of the Mens Shed?
136. What year did it open
137. Who established the first committee at the Golf Club. Males or Females?
138. Where is the plaque being laid on 3rd July?
139. Who will be M C at the Channel Heritage Centre on the 3rd July.
140. Where will you find a Stream Engine?

Enter the draw for $100 worth of prizes Return your completed Scavenger Hunt to Parker Accounting, Channel Heritage Centre, or the Brookfield Shed.

Name ………………………………………………. Phone ……………………………
drawn 3rd July at Channel Heritage Centre Finale. 1pm

Thank our sponsors:

  • Westwood Properties
  • Kingborough Council
  • L.J. Hooker (Margate)
  • Tassal
  • Kingborough Bowls and Community Club
  • Lions Club of Kingborough
  • Banjos Margate
  • Rollins Canvas
  • Merediths Orchards
  • Parker Accounting

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