Helen is running a series of "CONCERTS IN THE HOUSE" for Madame Butterflies. Relay for Life Team 2017

Music is pumping again at the Brookfield Shed. ring Julia on 6267 2996

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We will endeavour to tell you them all.

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  • b> * Helen Lindsay presenter on 96.1 Hobart fm "Tassie Experiences" Tuesday 9 - 12pm playing Tasmanian music and interviews".

history of events

Steve Tilson England 17/11/04
Wise Family Margaret River 19/1/05
Bob Carlin America 5/3/05
Tony McManus & A Genty French 10/3/05
Sean Keane Ireland 2/4/05
Keith Donnelly England 10/4/05
Tenzin Choegyah Tibetan
David Hyams/Bernard Carney WA 5/11/05
One Step Back Tasmania 12/11/05
String Chickens Tasmania 12/11/05
Tanatllon Farewellto Scotland 19/11/05
Trouble in the Kitchen 18/11/05
Kingston Singers 10/12/05
Peggy Seeger America 23/1/06
Milk Melbourne 20/1/06
Frank Povah/Dave Meikle Tas 26/1/06
Zarafa Melbourne 25/1/06
Leanne Delaney Dover 18/2/06
Peter Hicks Steve Gadd 18/2/06
Gerry O'Conner Ireland 16/3/06
Miles LeBigot France 16/3/06
Cocoa Jackson Lane Melbourne 18/3/06
Ian Paulin Tasmania 21/3/06
Colum Sands Ireland 2/4/06
Ethereal Tasmania 13/5/06
Simon Ditcham Tasmania 29/5/06
Big Low Holland 24/6/06
Kingston Singers Choir 10/7/06
Craggs CD Launch Cygnet 22/7/06
Kate Meehan/Skip Landy Melbourne 4/8/06
Tasmanian Harp Orchestra 13/8/06
Georgina Richmond/Steve Young25/8/06
Silvertones Hobart 1/10/06
Ian Paulin Hobart 19/10/06
One Step Back Hobart 1/11/06
Pirate Radio Hobart 10/11/06
Salamanca String Quartet 12/11/06
Middletones Middleton 2/12/06
Kingston Singers 3/12/06
Dave Calandra Sydney 14/12/06
The Rusticators Hobart 15/12/06
Kate Meehan & Skip Landy New Years Eve
Steve Young 1/1/07
Salty Dog Ballarat 11/1/07
Emily Barker Melbourne 17/1/07
Ten Cent Shooters W.Aust 18/1/07
Australia Day. Dave Meikle and Lance Stapleton 26/1/07
Phil Lowe. Sandy Bay 2/2/07
PlayBack Theatre 67 Bushfires revisited 9/2/07
Frank Povah & Chris Cruise 11/2/07
Paul Gerard, Flamenco Guitar 18/2/07
The Chris Mawer Band Sydney 23/2/07
Hank Koopman 3/3/07
Gathering of the Grannies 11/3/07
Kevin Burke / Ged Foley Ireland 23/3/07
Mel Gent,Chris Welling,Jay Frazer,30/03
Lauren Pelan, Wisconson USA 31/3/07
Milk Melbourne 14/4/07
Jay Frazer / singer songwriter 19/4/07
Static Band Snug 27/4/07
Joel Bowerman/Piano Lindisfarne 27/4/07
Silvertones, Choir 28/4/07
Southern Voices (Choir) 28/4/07
Pirate Radio Local Band 5/5/07
Tiffany Eckhardt & Dave Steel 12/05/07
Deb Mansky 15/5/07
Carlos Panguana 25/5/07
Sam Burke & the Wifeys 26/5/07
Salty Dog(Blues) 1/6/07
Southern Voices (Choir) 11/6/07
Bridget Pross 22/6/07
String Chickens CD Launch 30/6/07
Minna Raskinen (Finland) 6/7/07
Zulya (Russian) 22/7/07
Floyd Thursby (Melbourne) 3/8/07
Hot String Band 17/8/07
U3A Choir 24/8/07
Grumpy Neighbour 24/8/07
Pirate Radio 1/9/07
Sean Smith (England) 7/9/07
Astrid Notarangelo 14/9/07
Alan Badalass(Kingston) 14/9/07
Shirley O'Toole 21/9/07
Dick Gaughan (Scotland) 26/9/07
The Stillsons (Melbourne) 28/9/07
Fiona O'Brien Jarrod O'Malley 5/10/07
Static (Local) 12/10/07
Hospice Concert 26/10 07
Blue Mosquitos, Hot String Band, Relay for life plus others 3/11/07
Astrid Notarangelo 9/11/07
Fred Pribac & Mark Whittington 16/i1/07
Kate Meehan & Skip Landy 24/11/07
CW Stoneking 29/11/07
Chris Cavill 7/12/07
Veranda Cootes 8/12/07
Jeff Thornton 14/12/07
The Foley Artists 16/12/07
David O'Connor (Folk Night) 21/12/07
Neil Murray (Famous) 28/12/07
Hot String Band New years eve 31/12/07
Tom Ambroz 5/1/08
SugarCane Collins (Queensland) 11/1/08
Bob Fox (England) 15/1/08
Cloudstreet (Malaney) 16/1/08
Trouble-In-the-Kitchen 17/1/08
Shegog & (Folk Night) 18/1/08

"A fantastic night for NYE 2006 through to 2007. This is one of our favourite gigs and a pleasure to have my Dad Clem Meehan playing with us this time. Happy New Year" Kate Meehan
Dear Helen
Thank you for the use of your venue for our Harp Concert. The orchestra members all liked the atmosphere. We were able to relax and felt close to the audience. We all had an enjoyable time. Most were new to performing and terrified but they all ended up loving it. I hope you will have us again.
Susan Hunt
" I wanted to say thanks to you guys again from Coca Jackson Lane. We had a great time in Tassie and really enjoyed playing at Brookfield Vineyard. Its a lovely room to perform in.
We are hoping to come to Tassie again with a new CD and would love to come to Margate.

Please pass your thanks to all your staff as well, definately the best treatment we received anywhere."

Cheers Alistair Kerr

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